Company History

ADI SH.P.K was founded in the Year 1980 as a small family business within a small store of around 60 m2 in Prishtina. After the first year of operation it advanced to wholesale business and established cooperation with different factories of leather industries within ex-Jugoslavia.

The business was flourishing which led to opening of five branches in other large cities of Kosova, keeping the main branch in Prishtina.

The war of 1998-1999 had a devastating effect on our company. All the stock and facilities were completely destroyed, but luckily and most importantly the family and staff survived.

Immediately after the war ended the operations were re-started in warehouse of around 100m2. In the Year 2000 the attention of the company was now switched to direct cooperation with leather industry in Europe. Very soon the first contracts were signed and ever since then thanks to fruitful results the cooperation has been enhanced based on sound mutual trust and respect with our western partners.

Mission and vision

Our mission is to become a key player in the leather industry of the Western Balkans.

We shall achieve this by continuing to build up on our strong mutual relationships with our suppliers and customers. Also by adopting the high standards requirements of our western partners and extending them along the whole supply chain.

Our Partners

We understand that we play a very important role in the middle of a raw material’s journey ending up in a premium product such as a car seat inside a luxury european car, fashion jacket, shoes etc.

Good cooperation is key for the benefit of all involved in the process. We value our local suppliers as much as our customers from Europe.

Facilities and location

Our main offices and warehouses are located in the village Lebane, about 8km away from the capital Prishtina. It’s a disturbance free environment with quick access to the recently built national highway.

We have two warehouses with total surface of 1,100 sqm and a storage capacity of 900-1000 tons of leather skins.